101 Excuses That Will “F” Up Your Life

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Excuses, excuses, excuses! I know you’ve heard a ton of them, and even used them yourself. Hell, I’ve used a ton of the ones below.
Stop Making Excuses
But the interesting thing about excuses is if you look at the people who continually use them, they are the ones who are not living the life they want, and are usually unhappy.

Excuses do nothing but bring negative energy, poor results, and prevent amazing people from achieving what they want in life.

I hate seeing such great people with so much possibility literally shut themselves down. And I never want to see anyone be less than what they can be.

So below is a a list of the top excuses that I was going to write up as a guide for myself so I would never use them, but I though it would be good to share with you.

The writing is pretty edgy, and straightforward, but it will help to get the point across.

Oh, and once I realized I was going to share this, I asked a few kick ass fitness/ sports entrepreneurs to share there top excuses that drives them nuts.

  • Adam Linkenauger
  • AJ Mihrzad
  • Alicia Streger
  • Chandler Marchman
  • Greg Justice
  • Ian Hart
  • Isaac Wilkins
  • Sam Bakhtiar

I hope you use this as a guide to always focus on the positive and not make excuses for what you want in life.

And if there is an excuse you don’t see here, list it in the comments below.

101 Top Excuses

  1. I can’t…
  2. Seriously! This is by far the worst one. As soon as you say you can’t, you wont. End of story. For the athletes I work with I actually have a few rules. And this is rule #2. Rule #1 by the way is don’t be jerk.

  3. The Problem Is…
  4. The problem is you! No one else. By saying this, you give power to someone else or the situation you’re trying to deal with. Saying this excuse pushes off the solution. What needs to be said is, “The solution is.”

  5. I Don’t Have The Money
  6. This is a legitimate excuse…Sometimes! A lot of times doing what you want is just not financially possible at that time. But it doesn’t mean you’ll never get there. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and drop the cash to get what you want. Start by thinking differently and saying “How can I afford it.”

  7. Life Is Not Fair
  8. Yup, It’s not. There will always be someone out there who has it better. But that doesn’t mean that you will never have the life you want. The sooner you accept the fact that life isn’t fair, the quicker you can turn it around and get to where you want it to be.

  9. I Want…
  10. This one is HUGE! Everyone wants something. The difference between the people who have it and the people who want it, is those who have it, worked their ass off to get it. So if you want something, you’re gonna have to work really hard to get it.

  11. I Need…
  12. Seriously, all you really need to make it in life is determination that you want to succeed, and taking action to get it. That’s it. Choose to always go after it, and then do it.

    Top Interesting Excuse

  13. I Wish…
  14. This is one of the biggest phrases/excuses I hear. And I’m guilty of using this one too. The more you wish for something the less likely you are to get it. Stop wishing, and start doing. That’s the only way your wish will come true.

  15. What If…
  16. A HUGE excuse! Using “What If…” for anything creates doubts and questions in your mind. As soon as you have doubts, then your chances of actually creating a great life or business have decreased A LOT. Instead of using “what if”, use “When I.” It will move things in a positive direction for you, and help you look ahead.

  17. I’m Waiting For…
  18. You’re waiting? For what? Chances are it will never appear when you want it to. And it probably will never happen if you are just waiting. You’ve gotta do something NOW. Sitting on your ass only does 3 things. 1) It makes you fat 2) It makes you broke 3) It makes you unhappy.

  19. If Only…
  20. If only what? There is no such thing. Because once you had that thing you needed, you would eventually end up saying “If only…” for something else too. Stop using the excuse of what you don’t have and start focusing on what you do have. Be grateful for it, and life will be so much better.

    Top Excuse List Continues Below Adam’s Content

    Adam Linkenauger

    Adam Linkenauger Top Excuses

    The Excuse Mindset.  The Wantreprenuer Mind Set.

    The biggest excuse I hear is the “WANT”.  

    Everyday I hear the next big idea a friend, or colleague “WANTS” to do.

    They talk about the how, the funding, the high dollar projections.

    They talk about what great things it will do for so many people, and how helpful they could be.

    They talk about how they want to make 6 figures working online, and ask if their idea will work…

    I always say “yes, it will”….

    And they smile… and talk about how they will get started soon.

    3-6 months later… the same person will come back to me…

    They talk about this new idea they have… the how, the funding, the high dollar projections… they talk about what great things it will do for so many people,and how helpful they could be…

    They talk about how they want to make 6 figures working online, and ask if their idea will work…

    I always say “yes, it will”….

    And they smile… and talk about how they will get started soon.

    This is an ALL too familiar story that happens practically weekly for me. 

    People hate action.  They LOVE wanting and talking.  People love going to Hawaii, but they hate the plane ride to get there.

    So my advice.  Your next idea, don’t ask ANYONE if it’s good, will it work… don’t talk projections, or all of that bullshit.  


    Wants you do it.  the hard part is over.  It may not make a penny at first, but at this point it’s out there, and you can do something with it.  You can build upon it!

    My first website cost me 12 dollars., and was the ugliest damn thing in the world… NO ONE would buy from it.. but I’ve adapted it into a 6 figure business in 3 years.  You can too.

    Just be passionate about your information and be helpful.  Get your stuff out there and the money will come.

    Don’t be  wantreprenuer, be an entrepreneur…


  21. I Should Have
  22. At this point there is nothing you can do about it if you are saying “I should have.” To move forward, say “I Will…”

  23. I Could Have
  24. The same as “I Should Have”

  25. I’m Stuck
  26. So do something, anything. If your stuck it’s usually because you think you need more information or you’re waiting for the right time. Sorry to break it to you but you don’t need more info, and there is no right time. The other possible excuse as to why your stuck is because you don’t know your “why.” I get that. I was there. But you must try multiple things and that will eventually get you “unstuck.”

  27. I Give Up
  28. This usually happens when someone doesn’t reach a goal in a certain time frame or is overwhelmed. Giving up is just an excuse that you don’t want to try any more. All you have to do is one thing towards what you want and that will help you’ll get back on track.

  29. I Quit
  30. Quitting is the same as giving up. The thing about quitting is you usually quit right before there is a big break. If you quit, then you never know what awesome things are around the corner.

  31. I Don’t Have Time
  32. Ah, one of the most popular excuses. Do you have time for you significant other? Do you have time to watch TV? If so, then you have time to do whatever you want. You only don’t have the time if it is something you don’t want to do. If you want to do it, you will always find the time.

  33. I’m Too Busy
  34. This is just like saying “I don’t have enough time.” If you want to do something, you’ll find the time to do it. It’s as simple as that.

  35. I’m Too Tired
  36. Aren’t we all? Being tired is part of life. You can work a job, train, run your business, be a stay at home parent, or do absolutely nothing and you will always be tired. Find what you love to do more than anything, and focus on that. Because if you love what you do, you’ll do it even when you’re tired.

  37. I Don’t Have The Energy
  38. Pretty much the same as “I’m too tired.” If you don’t have the energy, find what you love to do, eat right, exercise, and sleep more. It’s as simple as that.

  39. I Just Want To Be Happy
  40. That is what everyone wants. To be happy all you have to do is choose that you want to be happy. Nothing you buy, have, or want will make you happy for that long. Being happy is a decision. Choose to be happy and follow what you love, and you will be happy.

    Top Excuse List Continues Below AJ’s Content

    AJ Mihrzad

    AJ Mirhzad Top Excuse

    Excuse: I’m too tired to work “on my business”

    One of the most frequently used excuses for trainers that never have time to work “ON their business” has to be tiredness. It seems that after a long day of training clients, the last thing most trainers want to work on is advancing their business and marketing. The key is to outsource as many tasks as possible, especially those that don’t generate income. Let’s say your making $60 dollars an hour, is it not worth it to hire someone to do $10 an hour tasks? If money is an issue just sleep less, I found that you can condition yourself to get by on 6 hours of sleep and get more done!


  41. It’s Never Gonna Work
  42. If you find yourself using this excuse then you’ve already made up your mind. But if you try and work at something it may just work for you. Even if you fail, it doesn’t mean that it will never work. It could just be that the way you did it, didn’t work that time.

  43. Why Is Everyone Else (insert anything)
  44. This stems from lack of success during a certain time, or failing over and over. The big catch to this one is that everyone else is saying the same thing. Stop using this as an excuse to stop working, and push yourself towards being what you want.

  45. They Are So Lucky
  46. It may seem like everyone else is so lucky, but in reality they probably put in the work to get where they wanted to be in life and business. For you to be “lucky” you need to bust your ass towards your goals, and by doing that you will create your own luck.

  47. I Don’t Feel Well
  48. Yeah, neither do I. Right now my head is slamming, and I am sick as a dog, but I’m getting this done. Being chronically sick is definitely a legit excuse, but being only a little bit sick is not. You gotta man up if you want to make it!

    Excuses Easy Button

  49. It’s Too Hard
  50. No it’s not. 9 times out of 10 it’s just plain laziness. If you’re not a rocket scientist or doing brain surgery then it’s not that hard. It just means you have to put in the work that you don’t want to do. Again, focus on what you love, and that will make things “easier.”

  51. Life Is Too Hard
  52. Yeah, but admitting it’s too hard only makes things worse. Stop giving power and control to something you’re not able to control. If you think life is too hard, then it’s time for a change. Maybe a new job, business, relationship, or anything. Change things up, do things that are fun, and life wont be too hard anymore.

  53. I’m Afraid
  54. Every person has fears they have to deal with. Fears are a HUGE part of what creates excuses. Usually it’s fear that limits most peoples potential. The only way to deal with it, is to face it head on, and just do it anyway.

  55. I Could Fail
  56. Yes you could! But so what. You just figured out how not to do something. Do it again, but this time do it differently. Then you’ll be even close to succeeding. If you fail again, try again. Don’t use this as an excuse to not reach your goals.

  57. It’s Too Risky
  58. Is your life, health, or family in physical danger? If not, then it’s not as risky as you may think. But how do you know if you don’t try? If you want a great life and/or business, you HAVE TO take risks.

  59. I Hate Doing That
  60. Usually the things you hate doing are the things that the most successful are willing to do that you’re not. This excuse is used anytime work has to be done. If you want a better life/business you better get used to doing things you hate. Especially if you’re just starting out or in a transition phase.

    Top Excuse List Continues Below Alicia’s Content

    Alicia Streger

    Excuse: I Don’t Know Where to Start….

    Carrie and I hear it all the time that people have way too much on their plates, and get themselves so overwhelmed with their 5 pages of to-do lists, that they end up getting nothing done in the end. They start working a small amount on each task and never end up completing anything. Prioritize your to-do list. Come up with your “Top 3 MIT’s” (Most Important Tasks) that you NEED to do to move your business forward, and don’t even LOOK at your other to-do’s until those 3 MIT’s are completed.


  61. I Don’t Know How
  62. The most successful in life don’t know how to do a lot of things. But that doesn’t stop them, and it shouldn’t stop you either. The most successful either dive head first into it to figure out what they don’t know or they find someone else to help them with it.

  63. I Don’t Have The Right Tools
  64. This one is similar to “I don’t know how.” Obviously having the right tools makes things easier, but it doesn’t mean something can’t be done. It will just take a little bit more work. If you don’t have the right tools, find someone who can help.

  65. I Don’t Have Enough Experience
  66. Do you think George Washington had experience being President? Nope, he was the first one. So he had to figure it out. And he figured it out by just doing it. He didn’t wait, he just did what he had to do, and ended up one of the greatest Presidents. If you don’t have enough experience, then go do it anyway. How else are you going to learn?

  67. I Need To Know More
  68. This is just like saying “I don’t have enough experience.” If you want to be educated about a topic that is cool, but you don’t need a ton of information to get started on it. You can start, and learn along the way.

  69. I’m Not Good At (Insert Anything)
  70. Ugh, really? Then go get good at it. That is all.

  71. I’m Not An Expert
  72. Do you know more than another person on a topic? If so, then you are more of an expert on that topic then they are. You don’t need to be an expert to do something great with your life. You can always become an expert along the way. As long as you are helping people and providing value then you’ll be fine.

  73. I Hate My Job
  74. So do 95% of people out there. The reason most people use this excuse is because they are too lazy or scared to try another job. The other reason they hate their job is because it’s not what they were meant to do. So man up, dig deep, and find something else.

  75. My Job/Life Would Be Better If…
  76. Everything can always be better. You just have to work to make it that way. Bitching about it doesn’t make it better, it just makes it worse. If you want to better your life/job/business/ either find something else you enjoy or work harder to get what you want.

  77. No One Believes In Me
  78. I do. :)

  79. Why Does Everything Always Happen To Me?
  80. OK, so this is a question more than an excuse. If you’ve said this before, then you have to understand that this is an excuse you’re not willing to change things. If you want “everything” to stop happening to you, do something different.

  81. Why Does My Life Suck?
  82. Are you starving, homeless, or dying? Then your life doesn’t suck. It may be hard, but it can always be worse. This excuse is usually used when someone is frustrated with where they are in life and are too afraid to make the changes. To first step in a “non” sucky life, is by saying, “Why is my life so awesome!”

  83. Why Does (Insert Name) Have It So Easy?
  84. Chances are that person doesn’t have it as easy as you think. If it looks like they have it easy and are livin’ the life, then that’s probably because they worked their ass off to get there. You probably just don’t see the part where they are working hard. If you want to have it easy, then you gotta bust yo ass!

  85. (Insert Name) Said It Wasn’t Going To Work
  86. How do they Know? Have they tried it? Have they tried it more than once? Have they failed doing it multiple times. If not, don’t listen to them and do it anyway.

  87. I Forgot
  88. If you are really busy and don’t have things scheduled in, then forgetting things will happen a lot. But many times this is just a lie to get out of something that isn’t fun. If you find yourself saying this too much, then you need to find something to do that you’re going to enjoy.

  89. It’s Too Much Work
  90. Do you think Steve Jobs said that? What about Richard Branson? Those are two guys who had MONUMENTAL tasks in front of them. But they didn’t care how much work it was, they did it anyway. And look at what they did with their lives. If you want an EPIC life you’re gonna have to work for it.

  91. It Will Take Too Long
  92. Anything you want out of life usually does take longer than you want. Accepting that, will make life a lot easier. It took years, sometimes decades for people to reach the level they’re at. But they didn’t care, they just kept going. And that’s what you need to do.

  93. There Is Too Much Competition
  94. Actually competition is a good thing. If there is competition then that means there is a market for your business, service, or product. If there is no competition, then chances are it wont work. You can’t control the competition, only what you do. So focus on you, not them.

  95. I Have No Motivation
  96. Everyone feels like this from time to time. We all need a kick in the ass every now and then. But if you continuously say that you have no motivation then what you are doing is not right for you. Find something you are passionate about and you will have a ton of motivation.

  97. I’m Too Old (or Too Young)
  98. No you’re not. Colonel Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken when he was in his mid sixties. It’s one of the biggest food franchises out there. Mark Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook when he was barely 20 years old. Look at it now. You’re never too old or young to start something you want.

  99. The Economy Sucks
  100. That depends. If you’re out of a job and are unable to find one, then it may look like the economy is bad. But the most successful people create their own economy and never worry about what others say. If there is a big enough problem that needs to be solved and you can provide the solution, then the economy will never be bad for you.

    Top Excuse List Continues Below Chandler’s Content

    Chandler Marchman

    Chandler Marchman Strength And Conditioning

    The 2 BIGGEST excuses I get from people are…

    1. I don’t have enough time: Really?! Bill Clinton had enough time to run every day when he was President of the United Staes. He also had time for interns…but you get the picture! Manage your time better and quit being such a lazy pussy!!!

    2. I don’t have enough money: You mean to tell me you can afford to drive that $75,000.00 BMW, but you don’t have the means to get a strength coach?! You know what, that tells me you aren’t willing to make the sacrifice necessary to succeed in the gym..so I don’t want you in my gym anyway!!!


  101. It’s A Stupid Idea
  102. This is a stupid excuse! One that is based on lack of confidence and jealousy. If you’re saying it’s a stupid idea then ask someone else if it is. If that person tells you it’s stupid, then chances are they are jealous they didn’t think of it. Plus they didn’t try it, so how would they know?

  103. I Have A Family
  104. This is another controversial excuse. If you have a family then obviously there obviously needs to be discussion if you want to do something great with your life. But if you don’t even have that discussion, then saying “I have a family” becomes a huge excuse, and will always keep you from what you want. If your family loves you, they will support you.

  105. I Have A Family To Support
  106. Now this is a controversial one. I don’t have any kids, so I can’t speak to that. But what I can say is that I’ve heard this dozens of times growing up, and all it did was create struggle, hardship, and unhappiness. And it was one of the biggest excuses thrown around in my family. I understand that family comes first. There is no doubt to that. And you need to support your family. But if you hate what you’re doing and struggling to support them now, why not try something different?

  107. I Have A Full Time Job
  108. So did a lot of successful people and entrepreneurs. They chose to use the time outside of that to build a great life for themselves. If you really want something, you will find the time for it.

  109. Money Is Bad
  110. If this is your excuse then you don’t have any money. How do you know if money is bad unless you have some? People just say this because they are jealous of others who do have it. If you have money, it gives you the resources to help more people, and do great things for society. Money isn’t bad, only bad people with money is bad.

  111. I Don’t Know What Business To Start
  112. This is a big excuse. A lot of people say this, and it holds them back quite a bit. If this is you, start looking into what your passions are and then build a business around that.

  113. I Don’t Know What To Do
  114. This is pretty much the same thing as “I don’t know what business to start.” If you don’t know, follow your passions.

  115. My Business Partner Sucks
  116. Unfortunately this happens a lot. Instead of complaining about how they suck, try and work it out. If it doesn’t, get rid of ‘em. It will only make things worse the longer you stay together.

  117. I Need (insert anything) To Do (insert anything)
  118. You don’t NEED anything to do what you want. The only thing you need is the desire to build a business and life that you want. Then take action on that desire, and you’re set.

  119. I’ll Get To That As Soon As…
  120. Never! That’s when you’ll get to it. Procrastination sucks. The more you push something off, the more it weighs on your mind and the bigger the task becomes. That’s because you’ll have less time to do it. So get to it ASAP.

    Top Excuse List Continues Below Greg’s Content

    Greg Justice

    Greg Justice Top Excuses

    *Greg shares the 3 most common excuses he gets from Corporate Fitness Clients below…

    Each time we begin with a new corporation we do a survey to see their frame of mind and their current state of health. The three most common “excuses” are Time, Location (convenience), and Money (cost)…usually in that order.

    One of my favorite sayings is “If ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were candy and nuts…oh what a party we could have.” It’s actually the title of one of the chapters in my book.

    Creating a motivating momentum that will squash the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ can be very effective in client retention when you tackle it from two fronts simultaneously. How? By cementing their long term and short-term goals clearly identified in their minds with benefits vividly painted AND providing the spice and variety of challenges, achievements, and recognition in their sessions with you.

    As Trainers, we’ve heard just about all the excuses in the book and then some as to why clients aren’t achieving the success they want and why they can’t or won’t continue their sessions. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to find the path of least resistance and to fall back into our comfort ruts.

    Once a client has stopped coming to class and we look back over the conversations of the past months, we can see a progression of subtle hints disguised as jokes, overflowing responsibility, and even doubts. If we haven’t helped address those statements and cement the client’s commitment to exercise, it will be no surprise that they don’t follow through for the long haul.

    When they have both, the long range and short term cemented in their minds, that commitment will follow through in their actions. It will be easier to call them on self-sabotaging dialogue you hear from them.

    The balance of mind/body/spirit will all come into play in our actions, thoughts, and words. When we listen to a client telling us the reason they will miss the next session, we can assess how they have balanced the importance of that event with the importance and value of their regular exercise sessions. We can hear how their priorities are coming into focus. Each communication is an opportunity to help them align their goals, both long term and short term with their priorities.


  121. That’s Too Far Away
  122. Then you just don’t want it bad enough. If you want an awesome life, business, job, whatever, then you will put in the effort and time to get there. Stop using this excuse. Start saying positive things like… “It’s just right around the corner.”

  123. I’m Just Not That Good
  124. So get good at it! Just practice it or continue to work on it and you’ll be good. Remember there will always be people better than you. Use that as motivation to reach the level you want.

  125. I’m Not That Smart
  126. The happiest, most successful people I know are not that smart either. They just busted their ass and worked for what they wanted. You don’t have to be smart to have a great business or life. The cool thing about knowing you’re not that smart is, that you can always get smarter. The smartest people think they are smart enough. And usually they’re wrong.

  127. I’m Not An Entrepreneur
  128. Entrepreneur is just a title or a word that is used to describe someone who is doing their own thing. Don’t let a title dictate who you are as a person. If you want to be an entrepreneur then go do entrepreneurial things. There are no rules to it. Just do it.

  129. My Family Said It Wasn’t A Good Idea
  130. This one sends a chill right down my spine. That’s because family is supposed to be your biggest supporter. If you’re family doesn’t believe it’s a good idea, that’s because they are scared it wont work. But if they love you, they will support you regardless, so you wont need to use this excuse.

  131. My Significant Other Said It Wont Work
  132. Then prove them wrong. Sit them down, explain how this will benefit them too, and go for it. If your significant other still doesn’t support you, then chances are they are not right for you.

  133. My (significant other) Would Never Let Me.
  134. The only person that should let you do anything is YOU! If your significant other wont “let you” then they shouldn’t be your “significant other.”

    top excuses

  135. My (insert significant other) Will Break Up/ Divorce Me If…
  136. Again, then they are probably not right for you. Now this doesn’t mean you should go off and do something ridiculously crazy like buy an island (unless you have the money). But if you’re using this as an excuse then you must look at your situation and see what’s best for you.

  137. My Relationship Sucks
  138. Then get out of it. I know that is easier said than done, but why would you continue to punish yourself over something that’s probably not going to last anyway. Sit down with that person, have a heart to heart talk and voice your feelings. If things fall apart then you wont have to worry about your relationship sucking anymore. It already does. Now you can move forward.

  139. (Insert Anyone) Said I Need To Do This First.
  140. OK, one of the biggest rules in life is that there is no one way to happiness, money, or a great life. So why do you need to do a specific step first? The only thing you need to do, is take action towards what you want.

    Top Excuse List Continues Below Ian’s Content

    Ian Hart

    Ian Hart Top Excuses

    A big excuse in business and life is…

    “I am not good with computers”
    The best way to change this is to hire someone online or in person to do all the things that they are not good at. I am terrible when it comes to Facebook tech stuff, blog posts, SEO, etc. So I hire it all out at a very cost effective rate through Odesk, Fiverr, and other resources. These days you can find a high school kid that has been manufactured to do everything on computers at low cost. It allows me to get way more done and takes away a HUGE frustration of mine. If I can focus on what I love and do, what I am good at and hire people to do the the things that kill my soul then I am happy, my clients are happy and the ripple effect goes out into the world and come back as love or money and I am cool with both of those things.

    Another excuse is…

    “I can’t afford it”
    This is a mindset thing. People can afford whatever they want, they just have to work for it or find a way to afford it and that is what successful people do. For example, I had a trainer that would say “I can’t afford that” in reference to many things all the time, but she also reduced her training 4 hours a week which affected her income by over $400 a month. I would always say, please rephrase that “to I choose not to be able to afford that”. “I can’t afford that” is just something that people say because they are programed by their parents or their surroundings into a belief pattern that is false, but unfortunately, many people carry with them their whole life. You will never hear truly successful person say “I can’t afford that” because they know they can afford anything if they provide the world with enough service and value.


  141. This Is A Bad Area For Business
  142. Then why are there so many businesses there? It’s probably not a bad area for business, just maybe you trying to talk yourself out of doing what you want. If you are in the middle of no where with a population of zero, then yes it’s a bad place for business. But if there are a lot of businesses around, then it’s probably not too bad. You just have to know what you can offer that is better and different.

  143. I’m Stressed
  144. So is everyone else. And they are stressed all the time. Honestly I’ll bet you there is not one successful person in this world who isn’t stressed A LOT. It’s one of those things that you have to figure out how to manage. For me, it’s something I struggle with all the time. And if I get stressed, REALLY bad things happen to me, but I’ve learned to manage it better.

  145. You Know What I Don’t Like?
  146. Nope, I don’t know, and I don’t care. And neither do others. People would rather know what you do like. So share that instead of using this excuse and bitching about things.

  147. I Don’t Want To Get Fired
  148. If you think you might get fired for doing something, then chances are you will. But most times this is just an excuse for not taking action on what you want to do. As they say, people only work just hard enough not to get fired.

  149. I’m Never Going To Be Successful
  150. If you say this, then you’re right. Every person I’ve heard use this excuse is either just plain ‘ole lazy or has given up. This excuse is more of a mindset issue than anything else. Clear out the junk in your head, and use the phrase “I’m going to be successful no matter what!”

  151. I’m Not Successful
  152. Pretty much the same thing as “I’m Never Going To Be Successful.” The only difference is you’ve now completely lost confidence in yourself, and you have a much tougher road to get back on track. That doesn’t mean you won’t do it though.

    Top Excuse Bear Grylls

  153. I’ve Tried Everything
  154. Really? You tried every thing you could? I doubt that! I guarantee you could try something different right now. Would it work? I don’t know. But I do know, you can always try something else. Eventually if you keep trying, something will work. You just have to not give up.

  155. I’ve Done Everything I Can
  156. This is just like “I’ve tried everything.” And I’ll bet you haven’t done everything you can. It’s just an excuse to use when times get tough, and you don’t want to push anymore. If you think you’ve tried everything, call someone who isn’t familiar with the situation and ask for their advice. Usually they will give you something you didn’t think of.

  157. Being Positive Doesn’t Work
  158. This is an excuse a negative and unhappy person would use. If this is you, and you say this all the time, then the only way being positive is going to work is by surrounding yourself with all positive people who don’t bitch and enjoy life.

  159. That Self Help Stuff Is A Bunch Of Garbage
  160. If you use that as an excuse then your life is probably pretty miserable. One of the best ways to improve every aspect of your life is to improve who you are. If you believe that helping people is a good thing, then helping yourself will work too.

    Top Excuse List Continues Below Isaac’s Content

    Isaac Wilkins

    Isaac Wilkins Top Excuses

    The Biggest Excuse:

    My spouse/significant other/friends/kids don’t support me and are a distraction.

    My response:

    You know what? That’s probably true. You are the sum of the people you hang around with most, and if you’re not as successful as you want to be it’s probably because you hang out with people who are comfortable with their level of (un)success.

    And do you really think that they want you to move up and beyond them? Please. At best that would shake up their world (that they’re happy in) and at worst it would totally change both of your lives.

    So of course they’re not supportive.

    However, they’re not the ones that are standing in my gym. You are. They’re not the ones that say they want to make a change. You are. They’re not living your damn life. YOU ARE.

    So if you want it, then make it happen. Find new, supportive people to be around. Agree to disagree with your spouse. And your kids? Well, it’s probably not their fault… it’s yours. Because you are one of the five influential people in their life and you’re not being as awesome as you could be to drag them up.

    Isaac Wilkins

  161. They Are Better Than Me
  162. So what if they are? There will always be people better than you at something. But that doesn’t mean you wont be able to be that good. If you want something bad enough, and work hard enough for it, then others will be using that excuse about you.

  163. I Don’t Think I Can Do It
  164. Have you at least tried it? How do you know if you haven’t tried it? The other thing is, you only “think” you’re not able to do it. That’s all this excuse is… a thought. It’s something that doesn’t even exist in tangible form. It’s something you created in your mind. That’s it. Just try it first before saying you don’t think you can do it.

  165. I Don’t Have The Support
  166. This is a tough one, and a very legitimate excuse. Without support, it makes what you’re trying to do very difficult. If you need support, and are not getting it, then you need to find it somewhere else. Look for a lot of like minded people and ask them for support. Chances are they will give it to you, and motivate you to accomplish what you’re trying to do.

  167. I Don’t Need To Change
  168. Then you’ll be stuck where you’re at for as long as you are not willing to change. If you want better results with anything, then you need to change. It’s as simple as that. Without change there is no growth or improvement.

    I Need Help

    The good thing about this excuse is that if you admit you need help, that is a good thing. But after that, most times help is never sough out. You just keep saying “I need help.” This leads to you never getting help for what you need. If you admit you need help with something, then make sure you get it… Immediately.

  169. It’s Too Late
  170. It’s rarely ever too late. Stop using this and just go after it. As long as what you do is valuable and different, it will be useful. So don’t worry about being late to the game. It’s better to be in the game, than not being in it at all.

  171. It’s Too Late (Version 2)
  172. This one means that is actually too late in the day. Honestly, it’s never too late. If you want to get something done, then get it done. It doesn’t matter if it’s 8am or 3am. The most successful people work whenever they have to to make sure they get everything done.

  173. The Government Should Do Something
  174. It is. The government is giving you the opportunity every day to live an incredible life where you have the freedom to say and do pretty much anything you want. If you want to see some change in lives, you need to start by changing yours first.

    Top Excuses

  175. It’s (Insert Name) Fault
  176. Sometimes it is completely someone else’s fault. But that’s not going to fix or change anything. You’ve gotta suck it up, do something about it, and realize that there’s a good chance that you’re partially to blame too. Focus on accepting what’s happened, and doing something about it. That’s the only way to get rid of using this excuse.

  177. That’s Impossible
  178. No it’s not. If it’s something that you want bad enough, and I mean more than anything you’ve ever wanted before, then it’s possible. If you want to be the first person to be a trillionaire, then you can do it. But you are going to have to want it more than anyone else, and work harder then anyone you know to get it.

  179. No One Will Trust Me
  180. Are you sure about that? Do your family and friends trust you? If so, then it’s almost a definite that others will trust you. You just have to put yourself out there, and be willing to trust yourself.

    Top Excuse List Continues Below Sam’s Content

    Sam Bakhtiar

    Sam Bakhtiar Excuse

    The Biggest Excuse:

    I don’t have the money

    I know that can completely be a legitimate excuse but can it……
    I can’t think of a better investment than investing in yourself. Let  me explain. There are 4 types of capital. The one that we all usually think of is money (financial capital)

    Believe it or not financial capital is the least important type of capital. Why? Because financial capital can run out or be taken away.

    It’s well documented that almost all lottery winners will lose their new fortune. Why?

    Only one type of capital, that’s why

    So let’s talk about other types of capital

    1) Relational Capital: Relationships that you build with people over the years. Every day we must increase our relational capital and strive to have better relationships. Good relationships= Great opportunities

    2) Social Capital: We need to strive to “GIVE BACK”  whether it’s money, advice, or just taking the garbage out for our neighbors we must give. The more you give = The more you get.

    3) Educational Capital: We all heard the quote by Jim Rohn “formal education makes you a living but self education will make you a fortune”.  It’s true. We must always INVEST in our self education.

    So there you have it. Invest in yourself it’s the best investment ever. Nothing that I know of will get you a better ROI ;)

    Sam Bakhtiar – AKA 7 Figure Sam


  181. I Don’t Want To Have A Bad Reputation
  182. If you are using this excuse then you might want to ask yourself “what am I doing that could cause me to have a bad reputation?” If you’re honest, transparent, and provide value, then you will never have a bad reputation. But if there is any question that what you’re doing is a little funky, then you might end up with this reputation.

  183. What If I Look Stupid?
  184. Then you look stupid. If you want to make a better business or life for yourself, you are going to have to do things you are uncomfortable with. Sometimes that means you end up looking like an idiot. If you are afraid of looking stupid, then you will never take the steps you need to reach your goals.

  185. I Don’t Want To Upset Anyone
  186. If you’re looking to have a great life/business then you have to accept that you will upset people from time to time. But if you have a good heart, do the right thing, and provide value then you will be able sleep at night.

  187. This sucks
  188. Yeah I’m sure it does. A lot of things suck. But what are you going to do about it? Instead of bitching about it, do something to change it. Once you take action towards that thing that sucks, it doesn’t suck anymore.

  189. It was handed to them
  190. OK, maybe it was. But what does that have to do with you? They might have been given the keys to the kingdom, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have it too. You just have to work to get it. Chances are, when you mention “it was handed to them,” you really have no clue if it was or not. You just see the results they are having and not the hard work they had to put in to get it.

  191. But…
  192. A lot of times when you use this word it creates a question in your mind. Once there is a question in your mind, there is a reason for you to think it’s not possible. This one word is very powerful and can literally change the outcome of any major decision you have. So be very careful about when you use this word.

  193. I just think…
  194. 9 times out of 10 when you say this phrase it means something negative will follow or you don’t think you or someone else can do it. Just eliminate it from your vocabulary and focus on what actually can be done, and not what can’t.

  195. I Don’t Know
  196. This is a big excuse but one that is not really looked at as one. If you think about it though, most times you say you don’t know, it means you are making an excuse for not making a decision. Chances are you do know the answer, but you just don’t want to make it right now. The faster you can make a decision, usually the better off you will be.

  197. I Don’t Care
  198. Actually if you use this, then chances are you care more then you would like others to let on. This is an excuse that is usually used to brush off something that needs to be done. By saying that you don’t care, means that you don’t want to put in the work needed or make the decision to get it done. If you really don’t care then you would do it without hesitating.

  199. It’s Too Dangerous
  200. This is very similar to “It’s Too Risky.” If you’re about to jump out of a plane without a parachute, then yes it’s too dangerous. But If you want to do something with your life and take a chance to do it, it’s usually not as dangerous as others make it out to be. Most of the people who say it’s too dangerous have never tried it themselves. You need to try it before you decide it’s too dangerous.

    Whew, there ya have it. 101 top excuses that can really screw things up for you. The crazy thing is, there are a million more excuses but this covers the big ones.

    If I missed one of the big ones on here, just make sure to add it to the comment section below.

    Don’t make an excuse not to comment ;)

    Some photos provided by Exfordy and Point-Zero

“Never Complain, Never Explain” – Henry Ford

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  1. This is a great post. I hear these a few times a day. I also admit I have said some before. It requires a strong mindset to be successful. You are what you think. If you think excuses you’ll be an excuse. Thanks for the post.

    • Erik

      Thanks Daryl. Your right on when you say, “if you think excuses, you’ll be an excuse.” Keep working hard!

  2. Solid List Erik, honored to be a part of it!

    • Erik

      Thanks for sharing your info AJ. I am glad to have you be a part of it.

  3. Great article Erik, you did a good job in narrating the common excuses that I hear from people who are afraid or just don’t have the courage to take the plunge. One of the quotes to live by – “Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure” ~Don Wilder and Bill Rechin

    I always look forward to reading your blog.

    Rick Kaselj
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    • Erik

      Thanks Rick. That’s a great quote you shared too.

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