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When it comes to building an online fitness business, it seems like the majority of people try to compete with what is already out there.

And that is OK if you can add a new spin or more value to what is already available.

Where it gets tough is proving why your brand, product, or services, are better than what’s available. It can be done, but just don’t expect it to happen overnight.

It’s the same issue I came across when coming up with the idea for fitness business interviews. There was no way in hell I was going to compete with Craig Ballentyne, Vince Delmonte, or any of the other heavy hitters. I had to figure a way to do something different.

Online Fitness Business With Dustin RiechmannSo for this interview, I wanted to find someone who has entered the fitness niche, and not try to do it with the standar exercise or nutrition products.

Someone who is doing things differently, completely unique, and a niche where no one really thought there would be a market for.

What I found, thanks to Scott Colby, were two guys who partnered up and are totally crushing it in a tiny niche.

I sat down with one of the partners in this business who is an awesome guy, Dustin Riechmann.

Now, I was going to reveal the niche here in the text, but I wanted to add a bit of suspense so you have to check out the interview to see what they have hit upon.

The thing I like the most about what Dustin and his partner Tony are doing, is they are building an internet fitness business the right way (In my opinion). They are treating it as a business, they have concrete deadlines, and they understand why relationships are so important.

Actually, here’s a quote from Dustin on how they build online relationships through social media/twitter…

” I think the trap that people fall into is they try to get on twitter and they try to shout. So basically they are throwing out their own links. They’re like, check out my blog post, check out my blog post, check out my blog post, check out my product.

Well, what I found that works a lot better is the sort of maybe ten to one ratio where I’m tweeting out others people stuff. I’m saying, check out what Scott Colby is doing. This is awesome.

…So it’s a lot more like a handshake at a party, and going up and talking to somebody a little bit, before we shout at them about a product.

Now we still promote our stuff on there through links, but by kind of looking for other people’s interest first, what we find is that a ten to one ration carries forward. So when we send something out we get ten friends who now want to send it for us to all their people because we did it for them.”

Interview Highlights

  • Why he chose that niche he’s in.
  • What’s so interesting about it.
  • How and why he has a partner in the business.
  • How the idea came up for the business.
  • What the role Dustin plays in the business, and what role his partner Tony has.
  • How to make sure having a partner works well for both parties.
  • Why a business partnership is a lot like a marriage.
  • What he is doing to attract traffic and clients to the website.
  • Why partnering with other bloggers an building an ebook skyrocketed his popularity.
  • What the most successful thing was for them to gain authority and get traffic.
  • How Dustin reached out, connected with, and got some big names in fitness to participate in projects.
  • What Dustin and Tony did to initially gain a strong foothold in his niche.
  • What he used as incentives to get others to participate.
  • The exact way he used his auto responder to build his list, and distribute the content.
  • Why he doesn’t believe that giving away so much free content is going to hurt the business when they try to sell something.
  • How they establish credibility and authority with their online fitness business.
  • How they will be able to expand and not pigeon hole themselves in such a small niche.
  • Where there idea came from for this niche, and why they chose the internet as the platform for the business.
  • How to build relationships and trust the right way through social media.
  • How Dustin finds time to manage the business, his life, and everything else.

Dustin Riechmann Interview

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I’ve gotta tell you. This was one awesome interview. It is so unique, and different what Dustin and Tony are doing.

I just know these two are going to be big with their online fitness business. So keep an eye out for them.

To find out more about what they are doing and how it’s being done you can visit their website at

Let me know what you thought about the interview below.

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