Prograde Nutrition: Jayson Hunter Gives A Behind The Scenes Look Into One Of The Top Nutritional Supplement Companies In The Industry

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Jayson Hunter Prograde NutritionWow, am I excited to bring you this interview with Jayson Hunter of Prograde Nutrition.


Well, honestly I really like their products, and I know a lot of other people who do too. I’ve used them, my clients used them, even my family has been using their products. So that got me thinking? How the hell did this company infiltrate almost every part of my life?

Obviously they are doing something right.

So I reached out to Jayson to find out what it is that’s really taking them to the top, and how they have brainwashed me so successfully. :)

I can definitely say one of the reasons they are doing so well is because of the team of people who are running the show. And Jayson is one of those guys.

So I had to have him reveal a little bit about himself just so we can get a glimpse of who he is and how he’s helped to shape the business.

But there are so many other reasons. In this interview with Jayson, he reveals just about everything about how he got into the industry and what it’s like to run a business like this.

Prograde Nutrition Logo

Definitely some really interesting stuff, and a very different interview from the others here at FBI.

So it’s something I highly recommend you watch.

Interview Highlights

  • How Jayson got into the industry.
  • How long he worked as a trainer for other training businesses.
  • Why he decided to leave those jobs.
  • What type of online work he did on the side while being a trainer and nutrition specialist.
  • What his first online product was.
  • Why finding affiliates for his first product was easy.
  • Why he chose software over info products when he was getting started.
  • How he ended up working with Ryan Lee.
  • How the roles in Prograde were determined.
  • What the Jayson’s role is in Prograde.
  • What the difference is between Prograde and other supplement companies.
  • Where the idea for Prograde came from.
  • What the difference is between running a nutrition company and a fitness business.
  • What their first product was.
  • What type of research goes into creating new supplements.
  • How they choose vendors to help develop the supplements.
  • Why there are benefits to outsourcing some of the work for the supplements.
  • How long it takes to develop a new product.
  • What the steps are to create a new product.
  • What the biggest challenges are when making supplements.
  • How they make sure that new products taste great.
  • Why they don’t sell their products in stores.
  • Who their products were originally designed for.
  • Why personal trainers are so important to their business.
  • How they market the business and promote their brand.
  • Why their products cost a little more than others on the market.
  • How they keep the personal trainers happy, and help them.
  • What type of content Prograde provides to trainers and the general population.
  • How many products they currently offer.
  • What their best selling supplements are.
  • Why they don’t give away free samples.
  • How they get people to come back to buy more products.
  • How much affiliates make from selling Prograde products.
  • What are some difficulties in running a supplement company.
  • What they do to take care of their top affiliates.
  • What the business looks like for the future.
  • What were some of the struggles they had when they first started.
  • How many employees they have.
  • Why he decided to design the Carb Rotation Diet.
  • What the Carb Rotation Diet is.
  • Why the Carb Rotation Diet was really created.
  • What is next for Jayson and Prograde.
  • Who Prograde’s main customer is.
  • What other niches they are looking into.
  • What some of their current struggles are.
  • Why he doesn’t consider anything he’s done a failure.
  • What has made Jayson successful.

Jayson Hunter Interview

Audio/MP3 Download

Interesting right? Who would’ve thought a business like this could be so good? Well, maybe Bill Phillips, but that is an interview for another time.

Oh, and if your one of the few trainers/ fitness business owners who haven’t tried their products and are looking to recommend some to your clients, just go to

If you do recommend them to your clients make sure you hop on board their affiliate program. It’s really good. They have great customer support, and it’s an easy way to add another revenue stream to your business.

Actually, I’m kinda curious. Have you used their products or sold them? Just let me know below.

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7 Responses to Prograde Nutrition: Jayson Hunter Gives A Behind The Scenes Look Into One Of The Top Nutritional Supplement Companies In The Industry
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  2. Joe

    I’ve heard great things about Prograde, but never tried their stuff. I think it’s pretty cool that they are so open about what the business is like. From what I’ve seen not too many other supplement companies are this honest.

    Because they are open, and there products seem very high quality, I’m going to give them a try.

    • Erik

      Sounds good Joe. Once you try some of their products, let me know what you think.

  3. Beth

    Prograde’s products are awesome. I recommend them to everyone I know who is interested in fitness nutrition. Prograde is, by far, the best tasting and most effective stuff out there. Definitely try the vanilla pre/post-workout protein powder!!

    • Erik

      Yeah, the vanilla pre/post drink is one of my favorites.

  4. nate

    I have tried most of progrades products and find all of them to be very good. They are a very well researched company that offer a line of products for almost all of your needs.

    • Erik

      Yep. I agree Nate. Thanks for the comment man. Hope all is well.

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